hear from our clients

I have worked with Elizabeth for approximately six months. She has been very professional and highly motivated to provide excellent engineering candidates for our consideration. Her candidates have the requisite skills needed to be successful on the job. I would recommend Elizabeth to any corporation because she delivers results on a timely basis.

- JK / Satisfied Client

I have had the opportunity to get to know Elizabeth over the past 2 years. When we asked for assistance in finding someone to fill a spot at our company she did not hesitate and immediately put us in touch with several qualified candidates. Additionally she is always eager to help others whenever/wherever she can. I send everyone I know looking for a new career or looking to find that perfect candidate to fill a position to Elizabeth because I trust she will get the job done quickly and to everyone's satisfaction.

- JA / Satisfied Client

Liz works like she has "skin in the game"- she projects an interest in being the catalyst to making the right connections, to create a win-win. I value the fact that she treats candidates with the respect and candor that you'd treat close friends with, while working to serve the needs of her client companies.

- RR / Satisfied Client

I have worked with Elizabeth in several different capacities and am always impressed with her professionalism and enthusiasm. I would recommend anyone who has a chance to work with Elizabeth to do so for you as it will always be time well spent.

- DF / Satisfied Client

I have known Elizabeth for several years and appreciate the work she has done not only professional, but within our community. I would recommend her as a asset to any company or candidate who is in need of a good recruiter. Elizabeth has a passion to see that the relationships are a win win for all parties involved.

- TF / Satisfied Client

Elizabeth has been nothing short of phenomenal when working with my client referrals! She has been able to help out several clients of mine find new career opportunities quickly and efficiently. I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication to her profession. She is truly a great asset to her company!

- RH / Satisfied Client

    I value you as a professional and as a friend. You were much more than a recruiter. You honestly care about your clients and I value that greatly! Thank you! F.S.

- hear from our candidates

Elizabeth has proven to be an exceptional resource in the talent acquisition business and has consistently outperformed expectations.

- TR / Satisfied Client

Elizabeth has been a great asset to Appleton Alliance Church. She has served in multiple leadership roles and has consistently gone above and beyond in the leadership roles she has filled.  She helped us launch a career networking group at the church which assisted many individuals in the community get connected and get jobs. She helped us design and implement a new "Welcome Booth" concept at the church and its success has been overwhelming. Elizabeth is currently leading our effort to develop an on-line bookstore for Appleton Alliance Church.

Elizabeth is a can-do person. She grabs projects and runs with them. The projects listed above are just a sampling of what she has done for our church. She has a big heart for people but is very discerning. I trust her opinion about people and processes and seek her input regularly.  I would highly recommend Elizabeth for any kid of leadership position or project work. She has delivered consistently as a leader at Appleton Alliance.

- KK / Appleton Alliance Church

It is my pleasure to recommend Elizabeth Tischer. Elizabeth has been a valuable partner for me and Career Works in a number of ways. I appreciate her interest in the candidates she works with, recognizing that a square peg in a round hole will not satisfy either party in her work. Elizabeth also goes the extra mile with people, generously sharing her time and expertise with those who seek her advise. She additionally has been a great resource for people in transition; always with an encouraging word and an honest evaluation and communication with candidates. She is able to have the tough conversation but handles it with grace.

If you are looking to fill human resource needs in your company, Elizabeth will serve you very well; if you are a candidate, you can rely on Elizabeth to represent you in the most responsible manor.

- TS / Career Works

Liz goes to the point with contagious drive and in-depth knowledge of her field. She does not wait for the right network, she creates it.

- GGY / Satisfied Client

Elizabeth was a pleasure to work with. Her experience and expertise were invaluable to us in our search for employees and sales people.

- SDW / Satisfied Client

I have worked with Elizabeth is various settings, and she is an excellent addition to any group. Her enthusiasm and zest for what for she is occupied with is outstanding. Additional, she communicates well, is a hard worker and is able to add creative ideas to projects she is working on. I love being able to work with Elizabeth!

- KK / Satisfied Client

Elizabeth is a born-leader. She is a brilliant business woman and has an insatiable work ethic. Elizabeth naturally relates to people and is a pleasure to work with. She sets high standards and expectations for herself and others and is very results-oriented. Although she is a consummate professional, Elizabeth also knows how to laugh and really enjoy life.

- KS / Satisfied Client

Even today with the way the market is in the Detroit region, people will say, "It is a bad market."  Hardly ever do they say, "Sure it is bad but let's see what we can do, give me your back ground, you just never know.  Are you any where close to Cudahy, WI?  I have a demo tentatively scheduled and if it is close, I would like to shake your hand in person and say "Thanks!"

- TE / Satisfied Client

Elizabeth is a joy to work with. She has conducted several professional searches for me and offers good candidates. I'd work with Elizabeth for my searches again and often.

- BD / Satisfied Client

B was initially contacted by Lindsey.  BB said that she really took the time to ask good questions and talk him through what her purpose in calling was.  From there, Lindsey suggested that a Pulp and Paper Specialist talk to him about her openings.  From BB’s perspective, he felt that through Lindsey’s effective qualification skills, she was able to identify and get him excited about the openings that we have to offer and direct him to his best resource.

BB then talked to the Pulp and Paper specialist.  He felt that she really knew what positions he would best be suited for and how to get in front of the key makers.  The Pulp and Paper specialist helped BB identify where his weaknesses were and what he needs to do to go for this job and have a chance of getting it!!  BB said that The Pulp and Paper Specialist offered extreme patience, understanding and put in a great amount of work.  He said that if he gets this position, it is solely a result of The Pulp and Paper Specialists hard work.

Next, BB wanted to talk about Lynn…. He said that in this day in age, it is great to call a company that has someone that directs his call who is upbeat, cheerful and smart.  Lynn was always personable, and he enjoys calling here because of her!  He said that all too often, we call companies that have the automated system and when you finally get someone, it seems that they are miserable in their job.  Bud said that calling here, he found that consistently everyone seems to truly love what they do and really want to help him.

Finally, BB commented on how he could sense the team that we have here…. He has never experienced that before in talking with any other organization.

Thank you for the nice goodie package from MRI.  I received it yesterday when I got home from work.  My twin took one of the cups off my hands as soon as I got it out of the package.  Oh well, he deserves it for having to put up with me.  Again, if I can ever be of service don’t hesitate to call.  I’ll try to keep the pipeline filled with candidates as I hear of people who are looking for better opportunities and that I feel comfortable recommending.

- BB / Satisfied Client

I have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth through some networking events over the past year. I find Elizabeth to be very energetic and passionate about placing people in the right role/company. She also provides excellent advice on resume and interviewing techniques.

- KD / Satisfied Client

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