Elizabeth Tischer


Elizabeth is third generation pulp and paper. 
Her father and grandfather both invested their lives in the industry. Her father started in paper at Kimberly-Clark Corporation and moved from mill to mill for them around the United States before finally landing in Niagara, Wisconsin for a more extended stay. Elizabeth's brother also joined the industry and remains there today.

"I have spent my entire life in paper and pulp. It's in my blood. I know what it means to shut down a mill for a week and I understand its impact to the community." 

    - Elizabeth Tischer

Her father retired from the Pentair Mill in Niagara after a life of service to the industry in which he also served as President of the Wisconsin Paper Council.

strong in sales and in service to others

In the years leading up to her tenure as Principal at Duet Recruiting, Elizabeth developed her tradecraft in sales and service in the Retail, Assisted Living and Pharmaceutical industries. She also developed quite a talent for writing resumes as a source of income and this, ultimately, led to an opportunity to become a recruiter. Helping people understand what they should do for a living is a source of pride and accomplishment for her.

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