career preparation


  • Are you in the midst of or contemplating a career change and are just not sure where to start?
  • Are you thinking of a change in your current career (need a change of emphasis) or location of occupation (transferred or want to transfer)?
  • Are you about to transition from school (college or other) to work?
  • Are you thinking you need a change in your field of study (one major to another)?

All of these challenges are very common and they are solvable.  Our career transition coaches help you look at where you are now and where you want to be and help you develop strategies to bridge the gap in between.  Career transition coaching provides you with an external perspective on your career transition.  These services are also:

  • Motivational
  • Inspirational
  • Positive
  • Action Driven

With our very own certified Career Coach on staff, we are proud to offer career transition coaching by the hour.  

  • One - 1-hour session (plus free introductory session)         $120
  • Two -  1-hour sessions (plus free introductory session)      $220
    (less 10% when paid in full = $198)
  • Three - 1-hour sessions (plus free introductory session)     $330
    (less 10% when paid in full = $297)

These all include an introductory session at no charge to get to know you and understand the transition for which you seek coaching.  Other packages can be customized to your needs.  You will be billed following your introductory session. 

Sessions can be done via:  Telephone, email, via SKYPE or in person where practical

If you would like to pay in full:

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