Why You Should Consider Becoming consider Becoming a Contract Employee

Posted May 05, 2017 in Job Hunting Tips by Elizabeth Tischer

The pulp and paper industry has been utilizing the assistance of contract hire employees for several decades – especially those specializing in engineering. These temporary hire professionals are effective resources that aid in the design, construction, and maintenance of the paper mill establishment. According to individuals and organizations that own and operate these specialized facilities, the contracted services engaged in are a highly critical aspect to the integrity and the overall level of profitability. Staffing paper mills is a challenging endeavor. If you are an engineer or another type of professional within the pulp and paper industry, it is imperative that you obtain a broad understanding of why you should consider becoming a contract hire employee.


Your General Purpose 


In order to truly understand the effectiveness of your role as a contract/temporary hire professional, you must first gain an understanding of your general purpose within the pulp and paper industry. Staffing paper mills is more than just filling positions. There are a number of goals and objectives associated with the endeavor. First and foremost, a contractor aids in ensuring the overall maintenance of the mill’s infrastructure. Secondly, contract hire professionals have an obligation to aid in the development and advancement of the mill’s level of productivity. Next, temporary hire individuals are sought out in order to produce a higher level of quality in terms of the output of the facility. Finally, contract/temporary hire individuals are essential to increasing profitability within the paper mill. As you can see – despite common belief – contractors play an essential role in the sustainability of the mill as well as the overall success associated with the mill and its place in the pulp and paper industry.


Your Role in Process Design 


The next reason you should consider a career as a contract/temporary hire professional in the pulp and paper industry is the fact that you will play a large role in the process design system of the mill in which you are placed. In today’s fast moving world of technological advancement and automation, paper mills are becoming increasingly focused on reducing costs while maximizing output. Essentially, that is the bottom line when it comes to the mill’s process design system. As a contractor, you may engage in any or all of the following tasks:

  • Eliminating and/or reducing the costs associated with maintenance within the paper mill
  • Identifying and correcting the origin of failures among the equipment used within the facility
  • Ensuring the equipment in the paper mill does not experience failure, have a high level of deterioration or needs repairs through proper maintenance so that downtime is reduced and profits are increased
  • Improving the overall reliability of each piece of equipment and all components thereof 
  • Making certain that each component within the facility – be it mechanical or electrical – is operating in a manner that is consistent with its specifications of design
  • Taking the necessary steps to ensure that loss of product in the output process within the paper mill is reduced or completely eliminated

Elimination of Focus on Activities; Increasing Focus on Results


In any profession, a standard employee is often responsible for focusing on certain activities. In the pulp and paper industry, examples of common activities include feeding logs into drum barkers, chipping, placing wood chips in digesters, watching temperatures, observing pressure levels, washing wood pulp, pulp dying, pulp testing, and coating mixing. Oftentimes, activities within a paper mill are best left to regular employees. As a contractor, your work will not be to focus on activities; rather, you will be in a position that focuses on results. Not only will focusing on activities help you to better understand your role within the facility, it will aid in the strengthening of the partnership that you will develop with the paper mill in which your services are rendered. By focusing on results, you will be able to offer the most competitive bids in terms of man hours, supplies, and resources. By offering the most competitive bids, you are more likely to obtain the job or jobs that you want within the pulp and paper industry. This is a major reason why many engineers and other types of contractors opt for temporary hire employment to regular, standard employment.


Focusing on Your Passion and Utilizing Your Skills


The next reason why you should consider becoming a contract hire professional in the pulp and paper industry is the fact that you will be able to sway away from mundane tasks that fail to hold your interest and focus on your passion. Additionally, you will also get the opportunity to utilizing your unique skills. While it is true that you will only receive compensation for the work that you do, you must remember that you are 100% in control of that work. You may focus on a large project that consists of many smaller jobs, or you may focus on a small portion of a larger project. Being that you choose the work and outline exactly what you will be responsible for, you will be able to perform at the highest level for your skillset – which will increase your reputation and build your brand among paper mills. You will have complete control over the amount which you are compensated. You may opt for hourly rates or for a “per job” rate at the paper mill where you choose to work. In addition to this, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits associated with staffing paper mills as a contract hire professional:

  • Temporary hire paper mill professionals are able to completely control how the work is performed, where it is performed, and the number of hours worked each day to accomplish the goals that have been previously agreed upon by the paper mill. 
  • Contract hire people hired at paper mills are able to use their own equipment, on their own terms, and in their own way. 
  • Contract/temporary hire help may choose to work alone or with a team that they select. 
  • When the paper mill evaluates the work of a temporary hire professional, they rate on the final product, not on the various tools, workers, or procedures used. 

As you can see from the information contained within this expansive guide, there are numerous benefits associated with becoming a contract/temporary hire professional within the pulp and paper industry. Human resources directly responsible for staffing paper mills are consistently searching for new specialists. If you have the passion for the paper industry, contact the Duet Recruiting team today! 

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