Questions to ask a Candidate to see if they are a Cultural Fit for your Company

Posted February 27, 2017 in Hiring Tips by Elizabeth Tischer

Hiring for a corporate culture or a  cultural fit has become very commonplace and is one of the current buzz-phrases of the HR world. Most companies have become slightly obsessed with the idea that people who are a perfect fit and most like each other are going to provide a better team atmosphere and will boost each other’s happiness.

That means they will be a better overall team, more productive and happier if they are a good “cultural” fit.

Zappos, for example offers a good idea of their company culture on their website. They have core values listed for those who are seeking a position with them.

Finding people who are as alike as 6 peas in a pod so far as core values, mindset and ideology may be a great way to go, but it’s not always easy. How does the average hiring manager find candidates who are a good cultural fit? What questions can we as hiring managers ask to ensure that we find the candidates that we need to fill our vacancies?

Here are Five Ways to Help You to Assess a Good Cultural Fit.

Communicate the company culture well. What is Your Company culture? Do you have it down in writing? Examine it carefully  and then write your job description based on that cultural fit. Rather than saying “looking for someone who can give us great customer service” instead say “we’re looking for the person who doesn’t stop until they wow the customer.”  Ensure that the job description that you offer tells precisely what you want from them and the kind of culture they will be a part of.

Ask  the Right Questions. If you’re trying to find out if there is a good fit culturally. You need to be asking the right questions. The questions that will best accomplish that include these interview questions to ask a candidate:

Tell us something that we won’t find on your resume or CV?

What is your favorite corporate culture. What kind of culture motivates you and helps you to thrive.

What is the best way to manage you when it comes to a work environment?

What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to the work environment?

Why are you applying here? What do you expect or hope to get from our company?

What does success mean to you?

Name one thing that you believe in or believe about life that many others do not.

Bear in mind that using only questions that pertain to company culture and other areas where they are like your team may lead to a poor hire. Intersperse questions about many other areas as well. Remember too,  not fitting in perfectly with the “company culture” should never be an excuse to eliminate someone who is otherwise a great fit.

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