What are the Best Questions to Ask in an Interview

Posted October 17, 2016 in Job Hunting Tips by Elizabeth Tischer

Effective interview questions do more than simply rehash the information on a resume. The truth is that when you ask questions, you get to know who the person is on a fundamental level. You want to explore their personality, their weaknesses and even their strengths. These interview questions should help you determine if a person fits into the company’s culture, which no resume or cover letter can do.

With What You Know About Our Company, How Can You Make a Rewarding Contribution?

This is a question that the actual contribution is less important than how the individual answers it. As you ask questions like this, you need to note their posture, pay attention to their mannerisms and see who becomes passionate and excited about the position, and who is filling an interview quota.

Why Should Our Company Hire You?

It’s one of those interview questions people dread, but it does have a level of importance. This is the candidate’s time to give you some insight into what sets them apart. It’s their final chance to sell themselves to you and it can lead to other questions that you might find beneficial and help you to choose between two very strong contenders.

If You Could Handle Your Career Path Differently, What Would You Do?

This isn’t to suggest they’ve done anything wrong. It is a time for them to focus on what smart and bad choices they have made along the way. If they are able to pinpoint negative aspects that raised a red flag for you at some point, you can see their professional maturity and that can help to ease some of the concerns you may have as a hiring manager.

Describe Your Favorite Boss in The Past and Why They Were Incredible.

This gives you insight into the cultural fit of the individual. This is your time to find someone who will work within the personality traits and let you know how much hands on experience it will require.

What Inspires You and What Frustrates You?

This gives you a chance to see what the individual needs to be successful. You want an inspired employee in the office, as they will accomplish considerably more. By the same token, you can determine if the frustrations that bother them are common in your corporate culture. If they need absolute silence and you have staff listening to music while they work, it might require some adjustment to make things work.

These questions will provide you with a solid foundation to work from. From here, it’ll be up to you to find an employee who falls right into place.

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