Key Questions to ask in an Interview

Posted October 13, 2016 in Job Hunting Tips by Elizabeth Tischer

When you are brought in for an interview, it is important that you go beyond the questions the individual interviewing you is asking. In today’s competitive job market, people don’t want someone who simply shines on people. They are looking for confidence, commitment, accountability, and a reason you are the best possible candidate for the role.

That is done by asking some key questions during the interview process. A docile and shy person who doesn’t take the initiative to ask simple questions is often considered disinterested or lacking in the initiative that a position would require to be successful. At the same time, the interview is your time to determine if you are match for the corporate climate and what kind of boss you will potentially have.

The mixture of questions should touch on how you can help the company improve, what challenges are faced, and to convey genuine interest in the position without outright saying it.

What Are the Strongest and Weakest Areas of the Culture in This Company?

This reflects an interest in the company, and goes beyond what your personal research can find. Listen to not only what the manager says about the strongest area, but also what they feel is the weakest part. Then determine how you might fit into that area.

In the First Two Months, What is the Most Important Thing I Can Accomplish?

This establishes goals and gives you insight into the expectations about the department. It will also provide you with more information about the job and what responsibilities are in place, so you can determine whether it is something you can comfortably handle. This is one of the more important questions.

Where Does the Company Want to Be In Five Years?

It is important to establish the direction the company is headed. You don’t want to consider working for a company that has no plans beyond the next few months. Just as it is important for them to ensure you align with their future goals, it is important that you ask questions in the interview that determine if you are in the right position.

Are There Any Concerns About My Success In The Position?

This shows you are able to accept criticism and you are interested in improvement. It will impress those who are interviewing with you, especially if you allow them to ask you direct and pointed questions that address their concerns. That way, you are left with fewer concerns on their part and a lasting impression in the interview.

What Time Frame Do You Hope to Make an Offer?

This shows you are interested in the position. You’re conveying that message to the interviewer and if the deadline passes, you know it is a good idea to continue researching other options.

With a positive attitude, clean resume, and these interview questions, you’ll be set for success. You may even find that the position of your dreams is within your grasp because you set yourself ahead of everyone else who interviews.

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