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Posted June 21, 2016 in Pulp and Paper Industry by Elizabeth Tischer

The pulp and paperwood industry includes products such as office supplies, catalog paper, tissue, packaging and many other things is one of the largest industries in the world. As one of the largest sectors in the business world, the paper and pulpwood industry has a huge influence on the forests today. It uses about forty percent of all of the wood that is being used today and it is traded globally. The US is one of the largest producers of paper and one of the largest consumers of paper in the world.

The practices of the paperwood and pulp industry have had a very negative effect on the forests for a long time. In fact, they have been devastating to a large extent in the past. Currently, however, new technology and new motivation and sustainable practices have put the paper industry a very positive light when it had always been seen negatively. The latest emphasis on climate change and environmental concerns has given manufacturers of paper products, primarily the tissue industry greater incentive to find new innovative ways to produce the paper goods we use every day.

There are several main types of tissue paper, those used for hygienic purposes and the paper used for wrapping gifts, cleansing eyeglasses, or even industrial applications where a fine light tissue paper is used in filtering or separating various materials. The process of making tissue paper begins with the material used, usually a combination of wood chips or recycled paper pulp that has been cleansed of ink and other foreign materials. After it is treated with chemicals, it is then sprayed onto screens and allowed to dry before being formed into soft tissue used for personal hygiene.

Among the recent developments is the increased use of recycled plant fibers used in technology of paper production. Hemp, bamboo and other plants have been increasingly used to reduce the ecological footprint and reduce the impact of papermaking on the environment. The Forest Stewardship Council is one organization that is heavily involved in the research and development of ecologically safe methods of limiting chlorine used in the tissue industry.

Paper used for applications in the medical field is also highly specialized in the methods of production. Paper tissue gowns and filters used in keeping bodily fluids under control during medical procedures is one of the applications used. Tissue industry research and development of such products that are safe and do not produce reactions among patients with skin sensitivity issues or large areas that need to be protected continues to grow.

For interested parties in the production and usage of tissue paper in various countries, the following website is helpful: . It lists product usage by country and has information on other types of usage of technology across the globe, thus allowing for better economic planning and usage of consumable products all over the world. As responsible manufacturers and users, together we can find ways to be good stewards of the goods used and learn better ways of creating safer products for our generation and those following.

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