Innovation for Refreshing the Pulp and Paper Industry in Maine with a Focus on the Future

Posted June 16, 2016 in Pulp and Paper Industry by Elizabeth Tischer

On November 17, 2015, the paper industry in Maine will be participating in a day long summit in Bangor. Each of the pulp and paper mills will discuss things like the innovation and explore new ways to take the industry to the next level. As part of this event, there will be union leaders, engineer, policymakers, loggers, and others who are focused on helping to transform the pulp and paper industry so that it continues to benefit future generations.

As part of this event, industry leader Dr. David Zumeta will appear. To date, he has helped to implement four of the best advisory task force teams in the area. These teams help to maintain fair competiveness and to support forward thinking practices. Some of the innovation in the industry under his watch includes important updates to the environmental policies that affect the paper industry in our area.

After the focus on his views on the paper industry is complete, Amanda Rector and Duane Lugdon will also address those in attendance. Duane is a United Steel Workers representative and Amanda is a state economist. The pair will touch on things like tax policies, energy, transportation, fiber, and ways to further expand the workforce in Maine. This is an important event that will definitely have a lasting impact on the people of the area and it is important that those who play a role in Maine’s paper industry plan on attending this innovation summit.

Also in attendance this year are both democratic and republican leaders. These parties are actively listening and are interested in what can be done further to help growth in the state and to boost revenue in the paper industry.

The event itself is being planned by Maine Pulp & Paper Association. Donna Cassese is overseeing the event and wants to stress the point this is an industry that still embraces innovation and is one that will definitely continue to become an important staple in Maine for years to come. In fact, in its current state it is stronger and even more stable than it has ever before. This is why more investors are looking at them for sound investment opportunities. In a day and age where other industries are volatile, the paper industry continues to go strong and remains a solid force in the modern world.

Those who plan on attending the summit should plan on being there for the entire day. It begins at 7:30 AM and will continue to run until 4:00 PM. It will take place at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bangor. With so much a focus on Maine mills and the entire state in general, this is one meeting that you won’t want to miss. After all, as an active member of the paper industry, you have your own valuable insight to offer that can impact the success and future of the industry, while staying within the state laws that impact it.

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