Media Campaign to Promote Industry Growth

Posted June 07, 2016 in Pulp and Paper Industry by Elizabeth Tischer

The paper pulp industry is of primary importance in the manufacture of all types of paper products. The need to motivate consumers to be interested in the industry growth and how it can impact various parts of everyday life. One of the first steps is to identify the area to focus in on. In this case, it can encompass all types of media from electronic to print and video. Targeting the audience is an important aspect to consider, the type of media needed to reach different age groups ranges from newspaper, magazines to social media websites that attract attention of the younger crowd.

One area to make sure of is the professional area consisting of the manufacturers in the paper pulp industry, their customer groups and areas of influence. Current research and information about changes in the industry are important because they will be impacting the environmentally conscious consumers. A cardinal rule is that consumers and clients need to see and be made aware of the importance of industry and why it is important to everyone. Information is important, but remember to be conscious to keep industrial trade secrets and methods safe.

A good website for manufacturers and the promotion of the practices used in the manufacture of paper products is primary. Educate those who use your products and give them insights on how they can make an impact on their world by using the products that help them live more productive lives, both personally and professionally. Remember that the social media is a powerful tool and in use by more people every day. Blogs, answers to questions are part of the social media. It is important to find out how to use these devices and increase awareness of the paper pulp industry. The latest emphasis on the responsibility of individuals to improve and protect the planet gives the perfect opening to use when addressing the generation depending on electronics and computer technology to find out information. Social media like Facebook and Twitter are good for raising awareness of paper products and how they are made.

Company websites can be attractive to the eye and have accurate information on them. This will allow people to find information they seek about the industry growth. When adding information about the importance of the paper products make certain to add enough variety in the keywords that are used so that the search engine can find them easily. Often the words people enter into the search engines such as Google are simple but the arrangement can make a huge difference in how it is displayed online. Electronic media needs a fine balance of words and visual aides to assist in getting the right message to those interested and develop more interest from other people visiting the website.

Print media, on the other hand, can require a different more colorful approach. A billboard or advertisement in associated periodicals can bring more awareness to the paper pulp industry. Catalogs for supply can have brief bits of information about why the products are important and how they are best used. Among the most important bits of information to ask is can it be recycled or repurposed. This can be combined with raising awareness in the educational institutions such as elementary schools. If companies had brochures or maybe field trips to interest students, the importance of paper would increase.

 State governmental organizations or national associations can offer ideas on how to involve segments of the population that would otherwise not be aware of the needs, focus and goals of the paper pulp industry. Use the media to your advantage. This may mean learning new methods of communicating or rethinking old strategies but it is worth seeing the industry growth over time. 

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