5 Things the iPad Cannot Replace

Posted May 26, 2016 in Pulp and Paper Industry by Elizabeth Tischer

The iPad users tout fact that the iPad can replace any kind of paper. To a point that is true. Documents and other things can be created with the iPad, but that doesn’t mean it can replace everything

For example, it’s not going to replace the computer any time soon.  Despite many wonderful things that the iPad can do, it just can’t do it all.  

The inability to create things like scrapbooks and tangible products means that it isn’t going to replace all of the paper products either. 

 It's been said that the iPad can replace any kind of paper going. The one claim to fame of the iPad is its ability to be able to replace anything at all and to save the environment, nearly singlehandedly. The problem is that the iPad's capacity for replacing it all is a little overstated...

While we love our iPads and firmly believe they hold a viable place in the future. and may even perhaps save the planet, there are quite a few things that they simply do not replace.

How about these for starters:

Your iPad can’t replace your toilet paper.  For pretty obvious reasons, it’s not able to take the place of that kind of paper and if you make the attempt, it will cause damage on several fronts—or rears.

Your iPad can’t replace a tissue.  While some tissues are created from boreal forests, not all of them are and they are a necessary part of life. Try blowing your nose on your iPad. It’s probably not going to work for you.  Not to mention messing up your touch screen.

Your iPad isn’t going to replace a paper towel any time soon. Drying the glassware with a paper towel has long been the best way to shine your glassware. We can see that crashing and burning if you try it with an iPad.

Your iPad can’t replace a beautiful framed photo unless you want to hang it on the wall of your living room and leave it there.  It’s going to be a costly frame, but whatever works for you.

Your iPad can’t replace the cool things you can make with construction paper. You know— things like those beautiful paper chains that you hang on the tree...  We envision sagging branches when you’ve got multiple iPads in a chain hanging from the holiday tree.

The iPad can't replace the labels on your medication. They can't give you the security of knowing the right dose or labeling the small bottles to be sure that you know what is in them.

Your iPad won't be replacing paper napkins any time soon unless you're into wiping your lips with a bit of glassware and then having to find a soft paper product to clean it before you use it again.

These are just a few of the many things that the iPad can't replace so far as paper goes.  There are literally dozens of products that the iPad isn't going to replace for you. How many more than you think of?

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