Recycled Paperboard Dryer Operations

Posted March 29, 2016 in Pulp and Paper Industry by Elizabeth Tischer

There are several drying techniques that are used as part of the standard recycled paperboard dryer operations. Either with a dryer bearing or other essential item, the recycled paperboard is able to strengthen as it dries and create a solid sheet of paper.

The most common approach for drying techniques is the use of steam heated cylinders with a dryer bearing. This allows the paper and paperboard to dry accordingly on the machine. In this technique, the heat transfer is conductive and helps to remove moisture from the pulp. There is continues heat that is being transferred between the wet web and the hot cylinder surface in this case. That means the entire atmosphere remains very dry and ideal for the industry.

Through this, you have mass transfer and heat transfer taking place in the unit. As the paper dries, the steam begins to condense in the dryer shell. So the paper begins to dry, at the same time that the moisture is being removed from the area. This process is slow enough to prevent damage and overheating of the paper and ensuring that it comes out smooth and pristine. There is also a reduction in the amount of energy that is used, since the process is considerably greener.

There is also minimal waste that occurs. Since the vapor that comes from the system is dispersed back into the air, there is minimal impact on the environment. So you have the benefit of a heat transfer drying technique that is also somewhat green and sound for the industry. Of course, that doesn’t mean that this approach is always the right choice.

For these drying techniques to work, you need to have a system that is being properly maintained. The dryer bearing and heat transfer units should remain in good condition at all times. The steam pressure and internal temperature of the dryer will also play a role in the effectiveness of the unit. Additionally, the humidity of the surrounding air and external temperatures may also prevent the dryer from effectively drying the paper. The heat is blown against the paper and flash dries it in a matter of seconds. This is a quick and effective way to help remove the moisture that is in the recycled paper during the production process and it ensures that you have quality sheets of paper you can send out by the time it is done. You’ll find that as part of this process, you also are able to manage your energy usage. The reason is that the infrared system is more effective so the machinery will operate for a shorter period of time.

Infrared drying is another of the drying techniques that are used in the industry.

It’s with this in mind that you need to continue to monitor the dryer system and ensure that you are able to maintain the needs of the system. No matter if you are using an infrared system, or you are using a steam heat treatment, both will have their place in the paper industry. 

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