Is your social media presence hurting your job search?

Posted March 23, 2016 in Job Hunting Tips by Elizabeth Tischer

A recent survey found that about 2 in 5 companies are checking out social media in order to weed out the wrong job candidates. It's also been proven that law enforcement and other agencies such as pension groups and even are using social media against people who post so that shouldn't come as a huge surprise to any of us.

In many cases companies  seek out the social media articles that are posted by candidates or even the friends of candidates and use those. It'sCould your social media entries be harming your job search?

You go to a wedding and you have a little too much to drink. There are videos of the wedding posted on your social media or landing on your Facebook page. Your friends post photos on the internet of you dancing on a bar or stripping or doing something else that could impact the name of the company badly. Your prospective employer sees that and declines to invited you for a second interview.

Twitter has some of your posts about politics and your employer or prospective employer is a staunch conservative. while your pro abortion posts definitely shut him or her down. There are many reasons why your social media stance may be damaging to you. Many people don't realize the depth to which prospective employers actually review social media.

Nationwide surveys of more than 4100 employers found about a third of them reviewed social media and based on that, would either hire or deny someone for a job for which they had applied. The implications of your social media behavior.. or misbehavior, are broad. 

Is your social media hurting your job search? There are a few simple ways for you to find out. It is very possible that you can be costing yourself massive amounts of goodwill and more than just a few jobs. 

In order to mitigate some of the damage.. you can take a few simple steps prior to applying for a new job. They might include:

Search yourself. When you do what do you find? Many people have never searched  their own name and when they find in Google or Bing that there are some very negative things there, they are quite shocked by that. Check out what appears in your own search results and you may be amazed. In many cases you can adjust the things that you find so do check on what's out there prior to seeking a job. 

Check on your social media posts.. are you active while you're working and do you make that clear? If you are then it may be tme to remove those posts. In most cases, when prospective employers see that you've been social media posting when you're supposed to be working, they aren't impressed by that.

If you're a member of groups that reflect poorly on you such as--"Things I don't Like about My Job" or-- "The worlds worse boss is mine" it is absolutely going to reflect on your job or your job worthiness.

Do you have a lot of poorly spelled words, a lot of bad grammar or a ton of profanity in your social media? If so then the odds are good that you're looking like a bad job risk to some of the companies to which you have applied for work.

 While it is true that you are entitled to privacy and a life of your own, every aspect of what you post online can cost you a job or cause companies to review you as less than desirable to them as a business. Make sure that if you are posting a lot on social media that your social media privacy settings are correctly set so that much of what you are posting is not visible to the entire world. That's one sure way to help to keep your private life private and to prevent companies from passing you over for a job because of your social media.


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