Helpful Job Interview Tips for the Millennial Jobseeker

Posted February 23, 2016 in Job Hunting Tips by Elizabeth Tischer

Millennials may be finding the job market is different from what they were led to believe. For some, this can be a good thing because changes in the market sometimes mean new opportunities. Others might be a bit concerned about slimmer chances at finding a job due to high competition in certain fields. No matter what the jobseeker's personal situation is, being hired always starts (and ends) with a job interview.

Whether it is easy or difficult to land a job interview, the wisest strategy is to always perform at your best. Everything else - submitting a resume, writing a good cover letter, providing references - are secondary. The interview is often "make or break" time for the job candidate.

Tips for Winning Big On the Interview

Millennials do have other complexities to deal with when searching for a job. Namely, they have not been in the job market for 20+ years. The exerperience of dealing with an interview is new to them. The job search process as a whole might be new. So, to help boost the chances of success, here are a few helpful tips millennials really need to understand when trying to "knock one out of the park" on a job interview.

  • Study Up on the Company

Just because you think you know a lot about the company does not mean you are as well-versed as you think. More than likely, there is a lot more to learn about the learn! Perform basic research online and review as many news items or public relations reports as possible. This way, you are not stumped or confused during the interview. No one knows what the interviewer is going to ask. For this reason alone, brush up on as much as you can about the company and avoid being stumped or lost.


  • Shut All The Technology Off

Millennials grew up (and are continuing to grow up) in the era of iPhones, iPads, and other devices. Shockingly, studies show prospects will actually stop the interview to answer a phone or text someone! To many job hunters, this might not even seem all that crazy, since being out of the communications loop is not something young people like to do. There are limits though, and a job interview is one scenario where "going totally dark" is advised. Shut off all those devices until you are out of the building. A job interview is when you are supposed to make a good impression and not a bad one.


  • Properly Interact with the Interviewer

This is a rather broad suggestion since there are a lot of ways to interact with the person who is running the interview. Clearly answering questions in a distinct manner without veering far off topic definitely reflects one of the better ways to interact. Asking pertinent questions about the company is another. Talking negatively about a previous employer or anyone else would be bad form. Talking over the interviewer or otherwise showing poor manners could prove disastrous.


  • Clean Up Your Social Media Site


Do this before and after the interview. By "clean up", it means you should eradicate anything on your profile that a potential employer would be turned off by. Trying to be like a cable television comedian might be funny to friends, but employers could take such commentary to mean you are prone to social gaffes and offending people. And really, do you want to answer questions about social media posts during the interview?


Experience Makes You Better


When you are totally new to the job interview experience, you probably aren't going to perform as well as you wish. If an interview goes poorly, you just have to put it behind you and move on. Learn from the mistakes made and try to improve upon your performance at the next one.

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