How to Hire Millennials

Posted January 28, 2016 in Hiring Tips by Elizabeth Tischer

Learning how to attract, interview, and hire individuals from the generation known as “millennials” has proven to be an exceptional challenge among numerous organizations. For years, various employers ranging from those that run small businesses to those that operate major corporations have discovered that millennials have a tremendous amount of skills and talents that optimize the success of their business. Not only do millennials bring new and forward ways of thinking to the workplace, they also bring a vast array of knowledge, experience, and sheer talent that will revolutionize your business. Millennials are a necessary aspect of business growth. In this brief guide, you will learn how to attract the millennial generation, how to successfully interview these individuals, and how to achieve success in hiring them.


Know What Attracts Millennials


In order to attract millennials, you must first make your business attractive to them. This generation is one that wants and expects you to provide a reason why they should be interested in working for you. While many employees are focused on how much money may be obtained through a job, the millennials want to be a part of businesses that benefit the environment and/or society, as a whole. Transparency is also a very important aspect of attracting millennials for interviews. In other words, this generation wants the workplace that they are part of to be open and honest. This generation also leans towards having a high level of flexibility in where they work, when they work, and how they work. Additionally, they are attracted to businesses that allow them to leverage various types of technology in order to perform their jobs.


Interviewing to Attract Millennials


Once you have attracted the millennials to the point where they have sought employment with your business, it is time to interview in such a way that they are attracted to the position or positions that you offer them. This generational group has a high level of expectations when it comes to professional development. They want to feel as if their career path is personalized for them, as individuals. They want to know that you care about their personal development and career, not just your motives and that of the company. When doing interviews with millennials, it is imperative that you not only inform them of the benefits that they will receive as employees, but, that you outline the benefits that your company will receive as a result of hiring them.


The Bottom Line


Millennials are a confident generation that wants to have a positive impact on the world. If you are trying to attract, interview, and hire this group of people, you will need to know and understand that the generational group wants to have a clear understanding of how the work that they are assigned to do will impact your business, as a whole. They want to know how to communicate their ideas and their opinions to management so that they are considered for potential implementation. This group of people will enjoy opportunities where they are able to combine their work experience with the work experience of others and engage in collaborative action for the better good of your company, as a whole.


If you want to attract and hire millennials, it is important that you create a customized training program that allows them to develop on a personal level and a professional level. You should also place a special emphasis on bypassing the age-old “once-a-year” review and opt for reviews on a more regular basis, such as quarterly. Comprehensive, regular feedback is not only appreciated by millennials, it is expected. By following the steps outlined throughout this guide, you are sure to find that millennials are attracted to the job opportunities that you have to offer. Once you are able to successfully attract millennials, half the battle is won. Then, you must conduct interviews in such a way that the generational group is attracted to the positions that you have available. If you do these things, you will soon find that your organization benefits immensely from the millennials that you have been able to successfully hire.

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